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Secret Service wasted time coming after retired man

This last week I was emailing and using Facebook to try to get people to come to Cannon Ball, N.D., and protest President Barack Obama’s appearance on the Standing Rock Reservation.

I received a call on my cellphone Thursday evening. The fellow introduced himself by name and said he was with the Secret Service and was imploring me not to come to Cannon Ball for an “organized protest” because I needed a permit from the reservation and didn’t have one. I ended the call quickly with the explanation that I can’t verify who he is and he’s using my minutes on my cellphone. He called a second time with the same introduction and statement. I told him “we are disorganized and will handle the reservation permit issue when we get there.”

We got to the reservation, they put us in the “protest section,” we displayed our posters and left after a couple hours with nearly no guff. My questions are: How did he get my unpublished cellphone number? How did he know we were trying to organize a protest? How did he know the reservation’s need for a permit and that we didn’t have one? Are we being spied on? NSA type data mining?

They will spend their time and my money coming after a 67-year-old retired salesman who is an American who holds signs and not after those who plot to kill Americans! And, interesting, the only media who covered our protest was WDAZ in Fargo and put it on the air. The rest avoided us like the plague!