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Six Cardinals win individual titles

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Six Cardinals win individual titles
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Six Carrington wrestlers earned titles at its individual tournament Saturday.

Matthew Neumiller (113 pounds), Bryce Carr (120) and Chaz Bauer (132) each posted championship-match pins to lead another dominant day for the Cardinals.


Joe Bakke (126), Patrick Freeman (145) and Walker Carr (152) also earned top honors for Carrington in the 12-team field.

Billy Holtan (160), Bridger Anderson (170) and Riley Lura (182) fell just one win short of also earning titlist recognition for Carrington.

Napoleon had four champions paced by Trenten Jangula’s fall at 160.

Jonathan Grunefelder (138), Matthew Gross (182) and Nicholas Becker (195) also were the best at their weights.

Harvey-Wells County had three second-place finishers in a row with Cody DeVogt (132), Carson Koble (138) and Wyatt Lautt (145).

Carrington Individual Tournament


106 pounds: 1st Place Match: Parker Nein (Bismarck - JV) 4-0, Fr. over Spencer Sweeney (Larimore) 14-2, So. (Fall 3:54.: 3rd Place Match: Zach Broadwell (Carrington) 9-2, 8th. over Braydin Jangula (Napoleon) 3-2, Fr. (Fall 4:46).

5th Place Match: Tristen Sott (Pembina County North) 3-5, 8th. over Tyler Hoggarth (Carrington) 7-5, Fr. (RULE).

113: 1st: Mathew Neumiller (Carrington) 7-2, Jr. over Jaksen Perrin (Bismarck-JV) 2-1, So. (Fall 1:31). 3rd: Elijah Hackman (Velva) 7-3, 8th. over Patrick Calvillo (Pembina County North) 6-3, So. (Dec 7-4). 5th: Austin Thompson (Grafton) 2-2, 8th. over Kread Koepplin (Carrington) 0-4, So. (TF-1.5 3:29 (15-0)).

120: 1st: Bryce Carr (Carrington) 9-0, So. over Brett Verville (Pembina County North) 6-2, Fr. (Fall 2:52). 3rd: Jonathan Thomas (Velva) 4-4, 8th. over Gage Litton (Pembina County North) 3-2, Fr. (Fall 0:30). 5th: Thomas Gregoire (Larimore) 8-6, Fr. over Jordan Gianakos (West Fargo - JV) 5-4, So. (Fall 2:38).

126: 1st: Joe Bakke (Carrington) 9-0, Sr. over Bradyn Horgan (Pembina County North) 7-1, So. (Dec 9-6). 3rd: Kaden Jaeger (Rugby) 9-5, 8th. over Levi Massine (Velva) 3-6, So. (Fall 2:00). 5th: Aiden Schuh (Bismarck - JV) 2-2, So. over Brendan Gregoire (Larimore) 9-6, Jr. (Inj. 0:00).

132: 1st: Chaz Bauer (Carrington) 6-3, Jr. over Cody DeVogt (Harvey-Wells County) 3-3, Sr. (Fall 1:00). 3rd: Troy Weigandt (Larimore) 8-8, So. over Robert Finneseth (Velva) 4-4, Sr. (Dec 7-4). 5th: Cade Pederson (West Fargo - JV) 4-3, 7th. over Raphael Schill (Pembina County North) 2-8, So. (Fall 3:36).

138: 1st: Jonathan Grunefelder (Napoleon) 3-0, So. over Carson Koble (Harvey-Wells County) 10-1, Jr. (Dec 5-2). 3rd: Cullen Seeger (New Salem-Almont) 4-1, So. over Austin Urlaub (Pembina County North) 4-5, 8th. (Dec 3-1). 5th: Alex Hettwer (West Fargo - JV) 2-2, Fr. over Noah Thiel (New Salem-Almont) 2-3, Fr. (Fall 2:03).

145: 1st: Patrick Freeman (Carrington) 8-0, Sr. over Wyatt Lautt (Harvey-Wells County) 11-2, Jr. (Dec 5-3). 3rd: Blake Kaercher (Pembina County North) 8-1, Jr. over Brady Bieber (Bismarck - JV) 3-2, So. (Fall 2:35). 5th: Bryce Moen (Larimore) 10-6, Fr. over Calvin (CJ) Bourbanis (Pembina County North) 3-3, So. (For.).

152: 1st: Walker Carr (Carrington) 10-0, So. over Gabe Schill (Pembina County North) 7-1, Jr. (TF-1.5 6:00 (20-3)). 3rd: Joshua Thompson (Grafton) 10-1, Jr. over Reid Mundahl (Rugby) 5-5, Jr. (Fall 2:07). 5th: Casey Muscha (Harvey-Wells County) 7-5, Sr. over Keenan Kvamme (Carrington) 5-4, So. (RULE).

160: 1st: Trenten Jangula (Napoleon) 3-0, Sr. over Billy Holtan (Carrington) 9-1, So. (Fall 2:33). 3rd: Cullen Blair (Pembina County North) 9-1, Sr. over Mason Brudevold (Velva) 3-2, Jr. (Fall 4:50). 5th: Brett Lyman (Carrington) 7-5, So. over Walter Lawson (Larimore) 6-7, So. (MD 12-0).

170: 1st: Jesse Schurman (Pembina County North) 7-1, Sr. over Bridger Anderson (Carrington) 8-2, Fr. (Dec 1-0). 3rd: Logan Elliott (MPCG) 13-2, Sr. over Alec Mann (Napoleon) 2-2, So. (Dec 15-9). 5th: Justin Helseth (Velva) 6-4, Fr. over Brandon Steffen (Larimore) 4-12, So. (Fall 0:00).

182: 1st: Mathew Gross (Napoleon) 4-0, Jr. over Riley Lura (Carrington) 6-1, So. (Dec 6-3). 3rd: Alex Schmitt (Bismarck - JV) 3-1, So. over George Gardiner (MPCG) 8-7, Sr. (Fall 1:51). 5th: Alex Dearinger (Pembina County North) 3-2, Jr. over Cody Hornbaker (Pembina County North) 2-7, So. (Fall 0:37).

195: 1st: Nicholas Becker (Napoleon) 3-0, Jr. over Michael Lafferty (Pembina County North) 7-1, So. (Dec 12-7). 3rd: Seth Zink (Carrington) 7-3, Jr. over Jose Martinez (Grafton) 2-2, Fr. (Fall 1:41). 5th: Taylon Tweeten (Bismarck - JV) 2-2, Sr. over Tristin Martin (Larimore) 9-7, Sr. (Fall 4:15).

220: 1st: Jeffery Stith (Pembina County North) 3-0, Jr. over Josh Gapp (MPCG) 11-2, Jr. (Fall 4:59). 3rd: Bennett Strombeck (Bismarck - JV) 3-1, Jr. over Tyrell Larsen (Carrington) 5-6, So. (Dec 4-2). 5th: Zach Willis (West Fargo - JV) 4-3, Fr. over Bryce Masset (West Fargo - JV) 0-3, Jr. (Fall 1:13).

285: 1st: Tyson Lafferty (Pembina County North) 8-1, Sr. over Bradee Schroeder (Carrington) 7-3, Fr. (Fall 2:43). 3rd: Michael Moran (Grafton) 3-1, Sr. over Alex Dubourt (Pembina County North) 3-2, So. (Fall 0:34). 5th: Andrew Hinkel (New Salem-Almont) 3-2, So. over Nathan Erickson (MPCG) 8-9, Jr. (For.).