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Small acts of kindness make a difference

It is easy to complain. Mind you, the world gives us plenty of reasons, from issues out west to way too much rain to those every day little things. It is so easy to become cynical, and I have felt myself falling into this far more than I should.

So when several things happened to me in the last several days to buck that trend, it only seemed right — and fair — to share. My daughter is going to college. So aside from the emotional end of things there is the issue for moving her to Fargo. Of course, she needed a fridge — a college education is impossible without one, right? — and I only discovered it would not fit into my tiny “clown car” (that’s what the kids at the school where I work at call it every time they see me in it or get out of it) after I got it to the parking lot. After struggling in vain for a few minutes, a person in a van near me asked if he could drive it to my home for me. It was completely out of his way but he helped me anyway.

Then, today I hung my car up on the curb — literally hanging in the air. As I stood by waiting in embarrassment for the tow truck, a woman and her son stopped and provided the help I needed to get the car back on four tires. These people didn’t know me from Adam, and it would have been far easier to just go on their way, but they stopped and helped me.

These may seem like small things, but in times when the world makes it so easy to be negative, little acts of kindness really make a difference. It is acts like this that we as North Dakotans take for granted. You help people — it is the way we do things — so it is easy to not see the generosity and kindness that is so much a part of being from here. But sometimes it just bears saying: You are wonderful examples of what makes our state and community special. Thank you.