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A trip can be booked from Jamestown on Delta website

I’m glad The Jamestown Sun finally identified the true reason for many of the recent Great Lakes Airlines cancellations. Under the circumstances, the airline is doing its best. And then there is the weather to deal with.

But personally, I hope the SkyWest Airlines bid is successful.

However, I do need to point out an apparent inaccuracy (or perhaps only a misunderstanding) in The Jamestown Sun editorial that ran on Saturday. It is stated that passengers “can’t book a Great Lakes flight through the Delta Airlines website.”

While it is true you can’t book a flight from Jamestown to Minneapolis through the Delta site (you have to go to the Great Lakes website for that), you can book a trip originating in Jamestown to almost any destination worldwide served by Delta. This was not always the case, but it is now. Delta has fixed this problem, and the pricing is now competitive. Just go to the Delta site and try it out. It works fine.

While I would be happy to see jet service at Jamestown, the downside for me would be that I travel frequently to Minneapolis. If I wished to fly, I would then have to do that out of Aberdeen, S.D. I live about 40 miles south of Jamestown and about 65 miles north of Aberdeen.

It must be the price of “progress” I suppose.