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UJ’s holiday concert kicks of Christmas season



It’s the season for smiles, shopping, kindness and giving to the needy. And if you’re feeling a little needy of some spiritual uplifting, tomorrow should get you on your way to a happier state of mind. It’s time for the annual University of Jamestown’s Christmas Concert celebration.

UJ’s Choir Director, Dr. Aaron McDermid and the holiday voices will kick off the 2017 holiday season at a 8 p.m. Friday, Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday at St. James Basilica, in Jamestown.

Professor McDermid said the theme this year is “God is Love.”

“In addition to celebrating the birth of Jesus,” he said,” (this year’s concert) deals with our calling to love one another.”

Some of the selections they will present include:

“God Is Love,” arranged by McDermid; “And the Glory of the Lord,” Handel (from Messiah); “Love is Born at Christmas,” Fissinger; “Love Divine,” Beecher; “Let Us Love One Another,” arranged by McDermid; and “Love is Born, Come Share in the Wonder,” Ken Bible.

Terry Anderson and Kate Stevenson will narrate the evening, with Liz Hunt at the piano and Robert Murphy on organ. A brass quintet made up of UJ students will play.

Something of interest as you watch and listen to these beautiful voices: Not all students in choir are music majors. Of the 60-plus voices only 14 are music majors. The rest are in business, nursing, history/political science, exercise science, education, computer science, engineering, chemistry, graphic design, communication, biology, accounting, psychology and radiology. But all those voices can sing like angels.

Female members of the Jamestown Choir:

Soprano I: Emily Anderson, Meaghan Cronin, Taylor Helgeson, Adrianna Klocke, Brenna LeMier and Liza Ostmo.

Soprano II: Jamie Czapiewski, Maggie Erickson, Emma Iverson, Teresa Horton, Kali Jensen, Mary Joy, Courtney Martinson and Emily Ost.

Alto I: Brita Fagerlund, Carly Fuhrman, Victoria Goodale, Lauren Jankoviak, Elise Opp, Ellen Schnabel and Shaina Schulte.

Alto II: ReeAnn Christianson, Claire LeMier, Courtney Mahlum, Jayci McCrory, Addison Olson and Madeleine Stiles.

The men include:

Tenor I: Shane Chandler, Reuben Johnson and Grant Linde.

Tenor II: Hunter Carpenter, Matthew Heupel, Paul Kurtti, Andy Dalbol and Kyle Glander.

Baritone: Lucas Shirley, Nick Helfrich, Isaac Morse, Benji Miller, David Satrom and Trenton Freitag.

Bass: Hunter Braumberger, Jacob Brownell, Alex Delzer, Drew Topp, Garret Fernandez and Sterling Severson.

Chapel Choir members include:

Soprano I: Addie Hanson, Kali Jenson, Brenna LeMier and Amanda Torgerhagen.

Soprano II: Hannah Ellingson, Brita Fagerlund, Morgan Irlmeier and Sierra McKeever.

Alto I: Alexandra Chapman, Carl Fuhrman, Claire LeMier and Teagan Skunberg.

Alto II: Natalie Anderson, Carly Benjamin, Randi Kleinsasser and Josephine Parsons.

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