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Letter to the editor: Writers were pushing lies about labor legislation

Dave MacIver, Keith Hovland and the North Dakota Chamber of Commerce are at it again, railing against the Employee Free Choice Act, and with more of the same mistruths and, unfortunately, lies. In their letter, published July 25 in The Jamestown Sun, these gentlemen paraded out one huge whopper. They stated that a business could be fined, "should one person interpret management communications as 'coercive.' And yet, the act offers no restrictions or checks on anything the unions might say..." Shame on you, both, for telling this fib to the fine people of North Dakota.

Within Section 4(a)(1) of HR 1409, the "Employee Free Choice Act of 2009," language to amend the National Labor Relations Act details the type and manner of unfair labor practices that an employer can get in trouble over. But, immediately following this is a provision outlining "or (B) that any person has engaged in an unfair labor practice...," is aimed squarely at labor unions and their organizers. This portion of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), ((Section 8(B)[Unfair labor practices by labor organization])), is specifically written so that labor unions can be held accountable for their actions, just like the employers whose employees the unions are attempting to organize.

Organized labor has no quarrel with this provision because we accept our responsibilities to those we serve. The significantly higher fines and penalties specified in EFCA will apply to both labor unions as well as employers.

MacIver and Hovland, stop spouting fiction about the Employee Free Choice Act.

Scott Nelson

Grand Forks

(Nelson is a member of Teamsters Local 120)