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Letter to the editor: Lawmakers need to balance existing budget first

I would like to address some of my concerns within our government.

My first question is, who wrote the stimulus bill, the cap and trade bill and the government-run health care bill? No sooner were these topics brought up when a bill consisting of hundreds and even a thousand pages were on the lawmakers' desks to be voted on. Now, we know that Congress never wrote these bills, because they openly admit to not reading them. My dictionary describes Congress as a group of elected officials in the U.S. government who make the laws. What do you have to say for yourselves, lawmakers?

I know we have a large number of lawyers within our Congress. My question to them, is it legal to have our government run our health care? Is this really constitutional? I thought our country was built on private enterprise run by the people with only government oversight. How can our health care be paid for by a bankrupt nation? Oh yes! They are going to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in half, and they will still be trillions of dollars short. That doesn't sound like our Congress is looking out for us, does it? Ask them if they will give up their plush government health care and come aboard with us. Let me tell you, it will never happen.

Did you know President Barack Obama has appointed at least three dozen czars or new advisers to his cabinet? The definition of a czar is a title of any former emperor of Russia. So, why the czar title in America? These czars or advisers only have to answer to Obama. Congress has no jurisdiction of them at all. Is this the kind of "change" you want?

Our government has taken over control of our banks, housing and our jobs or the lack of them. If they vote "yes" on the cap and trade bill, they will control the heating of our homes and the cost of our transportation. A "yes" vote on government health care will take our health care out of our hands and put it into the hands of our elected bureaucrats. Scarier yet, maybe Obama will appoint his own health care board? Is this the "change" you want?

I feel like we are lambs being led to slaughter by our own elected officials. Please call or write our congressmen and tell them to vote "no" to any more government spending. They need to balance our existing government budget first. Come on people, we need to speak up now or will be forever silenced.

Linda DeMars

Neche, N.D.