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Letter to the editor: Letter gets facts wrong about fascism, racism

Someone said that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not their own facts. In his Oct. 15 letter in The Jamestown Sun, Brent McCarthy seems to have created a whole world of his own facts.

The recent name calling of "Nazi" and "fascist" has come from the far right, not the media or the Democrats. Most political scientists place fascism, which includes Nazism, on the far right of the political spectrum, not the left. All the names McCarthy tossed about without distinction, including liberal, socialist, Marxist and fascist, are entirely different ideologies, each with its own complicated variations.

If the extremists in this debate would take the trouble to learn about the horrible atrocities committed by the Nazis, they might not throw that name around so carelessly.

To those who want to demonize their political opponents with "Nazi" and "fascist," not only are you despicably wrong, you are trivializing the horrible crimes committed by the real Nazis. So stop it already!

McCarthy also rewrites the history of civil rights. He is correct that a Republican president declared the slaves free and that many Democrats defended slavery and established Jim Crow laws in the South after the Civil War. If it was still 1870, he would be on the right side of history. However, an entirely different political universe exists today.

After Democratic President Lyndon Johnson signed civil rights legislation into law in the 1960s, the theretofore solid Democratic South morphed into the Republican South. I know that most of my Republican friends are not racist, but many Republican campaign strategists had no qualms about taking advantage of racial fears, e.g. Nixon's "law and order" rhetoric and the 1988 Willie Horton ad.

I am also certain that most who oppose some of President Barack Obama's policies are not racist. However, there is an obvious element of racism in some of the opposition. It is disappointing that the leadership of the Republican Party does nothing to tamp down the overheated rhetoric.

I do agree with McCarthy's last statement. Let's get back to the issues.

Charles Linderman

Carrington, N.D.