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Letter to the editor: Paper should dedicate more space to speech teams, etc.

In case you missed it, the Jamestown Blue Jays speech team had a very nice season which ended with a successful staging of the state meet at Jamestown High School on Saturday. Visitors from the Class A schools around the state were very complimentary about the facility, the organization of the meet and the welcoming spirit of the hosts.

I do not begrudge any coverage of athletic teams whatsoever, but I sure wish there was a daily section of the paper or a segment on electronic media covering the successes of the choirs, bands, math teams, geography bee teams, etc. The students, many the same ones competing on the athletic teams, put in hard work preparing, learn lifelong skills and deserve kudos routinely enjoyed by athletes.

Finally, congratulations to the WDA Coach of the Year and state Class A Coach of the Year, Laura Weiss. Well deserved!

Dan Kunzman