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Letter to the editor: Legislation that Pomeroy supported will help families

As we reflect over this Memorial Day week on and the sacrifices that our men and women in uniform have made for us, I thought it would be important to let the people of this state know of a piece of legislation that recently passed the U.S. House of Representatives.

The legislation will extend the Joint Family Support Assistance Program, a program designed to support the families of Guard and Reserve soldiers when they are deployed overseas. For those who aren't familiar with it, this program is run out of Bismarck but serves families statewide. In this day and age when we have thousands of young men and women serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and other far-off places, this support for families (especially those who don't live near a military installation) is absolutely critical.

Something else folks probably don't know is that the member of Congress who led the effort on this bill was Earl Pomeroy. Pomeroy has been there for our vets and our men and women in the military from day one. It's heartening to see an elected official so dedicated to taking care of the people who defend our freedom.

As a veteran and a citizen who is concerned about our troops and their families, I want to say thanks, Pomeroy.

Soldiers, veterans and their families spend their lives fighting for their country. It's good to know we have advocates like Pomeroy who will fight for them, too.

Bruce Hagen