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Letter to the editor: Take time to notice those random acts of kindness

We have come to that time of year when we remember so many people and random acts of kindness that have been bestowed on us. I have been especially touched in the past few days by such acts:

I was going into Walmart and reached into my coat pocket for keys and, without realizing it, dropped $80. Immediately a lady called my attention to it.

While ringing the Salvation Army Bell, young people walked up and donated with joy. Many times those with the least find it easier to give. Interesting!

Many individuals have reached out to help residents at the Gardenette, including a young lady who noticed someone whose bike had broken trying to get home and got her car out to give him a ride.

As you travel around our community and do such random acts, take time to notice those also being done by others. May the spirit of Christmas reign in all our hearts!

Stella Wheeler