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Letter to the editor: Jamestown needs more businesses for consumers

I want to thank a Jamestown businesswoman, Carol Nannenga, owner of Creative Mats, for her willingness to go over and beyond what she sells to help our community. She has picked up where Walmart dumped us: cross-stitching supplies. You can find every color thread for cross-stitching in her store, plus she has material and pre-packaged kits to sew. She was very aware that Jamestown needed something in the craft department and driving to Fargo to buy thread was getting very ridiculous. Her business is right in the same building with Larry's Electric and I strongly encourage anybody out there interested in cross-stitching to visit her store. I commend her on her efforts to bring us something that is actually useful, and I know there are a lot of cross-stitchers out here.

Now I challenge other business owners to try to improve our town. How about a shoe store or small department store? Maybe the City Council could attempt to get more here. The little souvenir shops aren't holding us together. It's Walmart, and what Walmart doesn't have, we go to Fargo to buy. Believe me, Walmart does not have a lot of stuff we need, and I don't think their prices are all that competitive anymore.

I also support our local grocery stores when I need groceries instead of Walmart. I am spending more than my 5 percent here in Jamestown, but maybe 75 percent of that is spent at Walmart alone, which is sad!

As for the Buffalo Mall, I've noticed that many men sit outside in the hallway and visit while their wives shop, but there is no coffee shop, so anyone wanting a bite to eat or a cup of coffee is out of luck.

Even employees have to leave the building for lunch unless they bring their own. This is the only mall I've seen that doesn't have a little food court, which could be very profitable.

Do you think we can get Jamestown alive again?

Linda Brown