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Letter to the editor: Measure 2 won't pass, but it really should become law

So much is being said about Measure 2. Every business has to run on a budget --but not the government -- just keep taxing and spending. So I would just love to see it pass but, being a realist, I know it cannot.

If we stop to think about all the people that are involved with the government, every one of them will be instructed to vote because they have to keep the gravy coming. Please keep in mind the words of Joseph Stalin, roughly, "I care not who votes, but it's the people counting the vote, that will determine the outcome." Voting fraud has been around since probably the first vote. Measure 2 will not pass.

The most corrupt taxes are income and property taxes. They were put into place by corrupt people. All other taxes are fair -- if we don't like the taxes on fuel, sales, electricity, et cetera, just do not use them. The wealthy would pay their fair share of taxes because of their fancy and extravagant lifestyles.

I tip my hat to all the people that have worked so hard to get Measure 2 to a vote.

Milo Buchholz

Fingal, N.D.