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Letter to the editor: Hold Crazy Day on Saturday so more can enjoy it

Crazy Days was a total bust!

I couldn't go on Friday, had to work, so was looking forward to enjoying Saturday. I got downtown shortly after 1 p.m. and was shocked to find nothing. It was advertised as a two-day event by some businesses and the name implies more than one day. Nothing out on First Avenue, no vendors, no nothing. Maybe we should have it on a Saturday so the working members of the community can participate.

I'm getting tired of hearing how we should support the businesses in Jamestown. "Don't let the buffalo roam, etc." When are we going to be able to find items we want that are more affordable here than at Fargo or Bismarck? I would much rather stay here and spend my money here, but it's not possible or affordable. Come on Jamestown, step up to the plate, the ball's in your court.

Terrie Divers