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Valley City has some nice options for shopping

Time to get off of political views for awhile. I'd like to inform the residents of this town that if you haven't finished your shopping yet, Valley City is the place to go. Now that Pamida closed, instead of leaving an empty building there (like we do here), it was bought out by Shopko. I went there recently and it's really a nice store. Has everything you could want from household items, cleaners, health and beauty items, books, magazines, groceries, clothes and lots of nice tennis shoes (Avia and Nike). Lots of discounts going on right now, too.

So if you're sick of shopping at the same store here all the time, and don't like the crowds in Fargo or the fruitcake drivers down there, Valley City is just a half hour down the road. It reminds me of a mini-Fargo, no horrible traffic. I also noticed only one empty building downtown -- they have businesses in every building there (unlike us). Maybe our mayor and City Council should go down there and take a lesson in how to grow Jamestown. They have so much more than we do. Our little variety stores aren't anything I can afford or even like here.

We do have one thing Valley City does not have -- a very nice craft store, thanks to Carol Nannenga at Creative Mats & More. She has a room full of craft kits, and all the necessities to go with it, including Hardanger. I thank her for including that in her business and I will be down soon to have my six-year project framed! Be sure to support her so we can continue to have this wonderful store.

Linda Brown