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Letter to the editor: Congressional action that's manipulative hurts many

The close down of federal government does nothing more than put tens of thousands of middle class Americans out of work. These are civilian workers in various areas of government in all states.

This action by a foolish Congress does not defund American health care established as law. It only has symbolic far-right value to a few extremists in our congressional mix. There are good and responsible Republicans in Congress and in the Senate, but these folks are overshadowed by a tea party so-called "conservative" element that is unproven as to intent and responsibility. Little is known regarding the elements that use selfish motives to buy support for actions that the American citizen does not need or even want when facts are presented in truth.

It is hoped that our citizens will recognize those elements and cease to vote for those who are trying so hard to defund progress in this great land.

Congressional action that is manipulative and harms so many citizens is not a sign of democracy! If we want a government "by the people," this type of behavior by extremist political entities is