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Letter to the editor: Government should not push ethanol onto people

I would like to know why ethanol gas is being forced on everybody. You can get premium without ethanol and it’s higher priced, which tells me it’s better for the car (you get what you pay for). Not everybody can drive a new vehicle that is made for ethanol. I have an older car that I will not give up because of the great gas mileage it gets, but whenever I am forced to put ethanol in, I lose 10 to 12 mpg — I wouldn’t call that economical.

I always like getting my gas at the north Stop-n-Go because it had pure gas, no ethanol, until I was there this week. It totally shocked me when I saw ethanol blend on the tank. Now I will have to find somewhere else to buy gas, or else buy the more expensive (and much better grade) gas in the future. I think it’s discriminating to not have the regular without ethanol at every pump. I’m not the only person who drives an older car, and everybody does not want to buy a new one just to keep up with the ethanol trend. It’s like forcing us to put that junk down our tanks, causing more mechanical problems down the road. I’m very disappointed that Stop-n-Go ended up with this junk too.

In fact, I’m disappointed in the government for pushing this on us. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for the government to let the gas stations all carry regular gas without ethanol and regular with ethanol. That way the consumer can purchase what is best for his or her vehicle, not what the government thinks is best for everyone’s vehicle.