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Letter to the editor: City Council needs to bring more retail to Jamestown

I am writing regarding Gary Pearson’s letter that we are trying to turn Jamestown into “Fargo Light.” Wow, that would take forever to do something like that. If the city wants us to spend our money in town, we need more places to shop: shoe stores, book stores, craft stores, department stores, etc. It is a good thing Menards is coming, so three-fourths of the town doesn’t have to drive to Fargo for home needs. More than half the time, there are things we need that just are not available in Jamestown, not even Walmart.

Back in the ’50s to ’80s our main street was loaded with stores. We didn’t have this big billionaire-making company (Walmart) to put them out of business. It would be nice to have a decent department store — like Kohl’s.

If Fargo’s businesses can survive with three Walmarts in their town, we can surely support more businesses here. So I guess it’s the town council’s job to see that Jamestown starts being a little more productive. New stores will add jobs, there are lots of people right in Jamestown and surrounding areas looking for work, and the minimum wage has gone up.

I know it’s fun to go out of town shopping now and then, but in the winter it’s very inconvenient if you need something and have to drive on terrible roads. That’s not going to make us purchase something different just to spend money here.

Look at it this way, do you want us to spend our money in Jamestown and have businesses for summer visitors to shop at, or would you rather we all go out of town or go online to buy everything. The little businesses we have don’t carry what I need, they are just little gift shops. Wake up City Council, do something productive. Jamestown will thank you for it and so will other outlying areas.