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Letter to the editor: Rules should be made to let energy, agriculture succeed

I’d like to thank Sen. Joe Miller, R-Park River, for his comments on developing our state’s energy and ag industries and dispelling attempts by others to drive a wedge between them.

Incredible success in these two industries has transformed North Dakota in a very short period and we should enable their continued growth and success, not pin them against one another.

We have companies investing billions into energy and farming businesses. Two separate proposed billion-dollar fertilizer plants  are looking to  start construction in Jamestown and Grand Forks and are a result of energy production in North Dakota and demand from the agriculture industry.

Today, we have the second-highest incomes in the nation. We are also the youngest state in the nation. We have a generation of college graduates choosing to return to the farm and move to western North Dakota. Who would have ever dreamt of this?

Let’s continue to work together to make energy and agriculture succeed in North Dakota with rules and regulations that allow them to prosper. When they do, our communities, citizens and small businesses thrive.