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Letter to the editor: ‘Pro-lifers’ are hypocrites not concerned for human life

In response to the April 19 letter, “Too many children have been lost to abortion” from Jack Docktor, let me say this: When I start seeing the same zealotry for living people that these so-called “pro-lifers” demonstrate for the unborn with their anti-abortion crusade, then and only then will I be convinced that they have one shred of concern for human life.

Can someone explain what point there is in protecting an unborn child when the minute the child is born the child is callously disregarded if not put in danger by the same political party most of these pro-lifers are staunch supporters of? Their positions on a wide range of issues for people of all ages from Head Start to Social Security tell me that their concern for human life is as phony as a $3 bill. In fact, their position on issues such as the environment and war threaten and destroy human life.

The hypocrisy of this crowd is amazing. These people who are determined to seize ownership of women and their personal decisions are the same ones who constantly preach about “individual freedom.” They are bent on forcing women to have children, but then they whine about “welfare queens” who have children and live off government assistance. Do they just want more people they can complain about and use as scapegoats for everything wrong in the world? Or do they just want to force more children to be born so they can inflict more pain on more people with their right-wing policies?

The bottom line is that this has nothing to do with concern for human life. It’s about power and control. An unborn child is nothing more than a political pawn used to manipulate people’s emotions and get them to vote Republican. And it’s also about pushing women back into a 19th century subservient role in our society.