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Letter to the editor: Extreme attacks reveal writer’s own extreme ideas

You really have to wonder what motivates the thinking of Brad Mills when he writes some of his letters to the editor.

I am referring to his recent letter that appeared in The Jamestown Sun on April 29 where he viciously attacked people who support pro-life issues and legislation.

Forget the nature of topic: gay rights, abortion, welfare, Obama care … if you take what is, in Mills’ mind, the “Republican” point of view on any of these issues you are not only wrong, you are a racist, a bigot, a homophobe and are totally stupid. There can be no argument. There is nothing to discuss.

Mills’ April 19 letter and some of his past letters give the impression that most people in North Dakota have an extremist point of view. He fails to realize that his attacks on people who do not happen to think the way he does exposes his own extreme ideas on these issues.

As I have said before, it’s no problem to be in opposition to an issue and have strong feelings about it. Just don’t insult someone’s personal motivation for feeling that way.