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Not all pro-lifers are the same as letter says

I am writing as a response to a letter to the editor, “‘Pro-lifers’ are hypocrites not concerned for human life,” that ran in The Jamestown Sun on Tuesday. I would like to point out a number of things that make the letter not credible.

“Pro-lifers” are all lumped together. Not true. There are as many different types of pro-lifers as there are abortionists with different views. Not all pro-lifers fit the description in the letter.

“Living people” and the unborn are put into two different groups. Not true. Living is living, and dead is dead. The unborn are also living. You can learn that from a basic biology course. There are only two choices and if the unborn were dead, they would not continue to grow.

The point in protecting an unborn child is that the child can’t protect himself or herself. The letter says that pro-lifers’ positions on a wide range of issues show a phony concern for human life, yet it doesn’t mention what those positions are. Some solid facts, not political emotionalism, would tend to make the letter more credible.

Individual freedom brings responsibility with it. A woman should be responsible for her personal decisions and that includes sexual behavior. It should not include ending the life of an unborn child. A real man will also be responsible with a woman. Pro-lifers do not force women to have children. A woman and a man make that decision when they engage in sexual activity.

The bottom line is that we need a society where we have men and women who take responsibility for their actions, where we stop taking the lives of the unborn when we find it convenient.