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Letter to the editor: Make a difference and vote for a school board candidate

On June 10, we have the opportunity to make a difference. It is the primary election. We have the opportunity to elect people who will shape the future of our community and schools.

One of the most important elections is for the school board. In Jamestown, we have four individuals on the ballot for five spots, which means we need to write in the name of the fifth person we want to represent us. When writing that name on the ballot, please write the name of someone you know cares about youth; someone you know who will consider the needs of all children; someone who does not have a private agenda or vendetta he or she wants accomplished; someone who knows the responsibilities of a board member are simple — set policy, determine direction, hire an administrative team to accomplish that policy and then let them do their job.

Write down the name of someone who is not going to micromanage the administrative team; someone who has a good understanding of how to run a business and a good knowledge of finance.

Write in the name of someone you will be proud to say, “I voted for that board member!”