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Letter to the editor: Public shouldn’t dispose junk at city compost pile

I dropped my grass clippings off at the city compost pile Sunday morning before leaving town for the day. Once again, much to my dismay, someone had abused the privilege by disposing junk in with the grass clippings. 
In amongst the pile of grass I discovered three tires, a plastic chair, a small tub of used oil, several 2-by-6 boards, a bundle of shingles, several oily rags and two computer screens — one being a flat DCL CD model and the other was a Magnavox see through plastic model with a name and identification number engraved on the top. In another pile of grass clippings was a broken two-wheeled garden cart. What I don’t understand is that we just finished up the week of city-wide cleanup and some of the items could have been taken care of at that time. I’m aware not all of the items would be allowed for the city-wide cleanup but don’t put these items in the compost pile. How sad it is when something like the compost pile is available to the community and there is always someone who chooses not to comply to the rules and spoil it for everyone else.