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Letter to the editor: Shelter for bus passengers should be a high priority

I am a resident and business owner in Jamestown and can’t understand the “lack of action” on the part of the Jamestown leadership, councilmen, mayor, tourism or Jamestown/Stutsman Development Corp. Executive Committee to obtain a proper bus depot for travelers in and out of the city of Jamestown.

Last week we hired a driver from Illinois, who came to Jamestown via Jefferson Lines. He arrived Thursday and was dropped off curbside next to the railroad tracks across from Babb’s Coffee House. He then made a call to our office to pick him up, and we asked where he was and he said, “At the bus depot or where the bus dropped me off — corner of 1st and 1st.”

Our staff drove downtown to pick him up, and there he was sitting outside on the curb, which is better known in this city as the bus depot, with his luggage. To make things worse, it was also raining on him and his luggage. The first question out of his mouth was “Is this the best this town can do for a bus depot?”

This is a disgrace to the city of Jamestown! I am thinking of how many other people who have had a similar experience, and they in turn will tell everyone who will listen about the outdoor Jamestown bus depot.

I am hearing from city leadership how projects need to be prioritized. Then this should be at the top of the list as soon as possible. This is our city, and we should be appreciative of having bus service in and out of town! The local public needs to push this effort forward with the city to obtain a bus depot other than a sidewalk drop-off for the traveling passengers. Your voice needs to be heard by contacting the city leaders.