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Letter to the editor: People live through noises other than fireworks

I think with all the serious problems that need to be taken care of in our community, the Jamestown City Council has spent enough time on the fireworks situation. I agree with Cory Bayer. Different people like different things; there are different strokes for different folks; live and let live. Some of us live where people go to work and back on motorcycles at all hours of the day and night. Some of us live close to the railroad tracks, and even when the horns are hushed, there is noise.

Car races are happening all summer, and it means people are having a great time even though it seems they are right in your backyard, but it is not troublesome to me. Think of the people who have to sleep during the day. There are sirens, loud TVs, construction, drills and lawn mowers. We do live in a world of noise but Jamestown has a lot of diversity. There are things to do for all kinds of people.

We have lived through fireworks in Jamestown all our lives. Our three children made it through the nights when they were little without any problems. Our Pomeranian went to the bathroom behind the davenport when there were fireworks, and we were prepared for that as well. Our dog lived to the age of 12 without too much anxiety. Compromise if you have to. Sell fireworks for nine days — June 27 through July 5 — discharge them for seven days from June 29 through July 5 unless there is an unusually dry season. Put an 11 p.m. curfew for June 27-28 and midnight the rest of the time. City Council has spent enough time talking about fireworks.