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Democrats want to shut down the coal industry

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has proposed a ruling which threatens to kill the coal-fired electrical generation industry and the coal industry along with it. An Aug. 4 Wall Street Journal article estimates some 600,000 jobs will disappear within the next 10 years along with $2 trillion in revenue. The prediction is more than 300 plants will shut down in the next six years. Any North Dakota plants among them? Any of the following: Falkirk Mine, Coal Creek Station, Leland Olds, Heskett, Stanton and several others? Thousands of jobs will disappear, and our small cities, towns and a few counties will wither away.

President Barack Obama has repeatedly said he will shut down coal, but he cannot do it alone. He’s got the EPA stacked in his corner, but he needs more Democrats in Congress and in state governments to carry out the deed. He needs Democrats in the coal states so he can make it happen. So how does Democratic candidate for U.S. House of Representatives George Sinner, who says he will sit in Washington, D.C., and not miss a vote, explain the “end of coal” to the North Dakota voters in Hazen, Beulah, Washburn, Underwood, Center, Stanton, Bismarck, etc.? Vote for me and lose your job? Or how does Ryan Taylor, Democratic candidate for North Dakota agriculture commissioner, who wants to tie up the North Dakota Industrial Commission, explain the loss of the coal and power generation industry as “good for North Dakota?”

This is not some hidden agenda, it’s the Democrats’ objective. They say it is the end of coal, and they will use the EPA, an agency of our own government, to shut it down. Do we not believe what they say? Want to take a chance come November?