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Letter to the editor: If passed, Measure 1 would not change existing laws

The prophets and preachers in the Bible raised their voices against the moral, social and spiritual evils of their day. This was their divinely-assigned task as God’s servants. Yet today, it seems as though influence, “political correctness,” job security and fear of intimidation are more important to many church leaders than following God’s word.

It is a shame when Planned Parenthood’s lackeys and other liberals can argue their inaccuracies and misinformation against taking any steps toward protecting the lives of the unborn (for example, Measure 1 — The Human Life Amendment), but many pastors just can’t seem to find their voice. In truth, this isn’t even a political issue, but it is a moral one.

The proposed amendment, approved by a bipartisan North Dakota Legislature, by its very wording is not self-executing nor is it vague. It does not create any new laws, and it cannot disannul or overrule current legislation or statutes regarding anything, especially concerning end-of-life issues as so many are falsely stating. Further, it is ridiculous to say that such an amendment would dictate end-of-life issues, or that a woman having a miscarriage could be investigated, to be sure she didn’t miscarry on purpose — as if moving to protect the unborn will bring about a police state.

This amendment, if voted into the North Dakota Constitution, would not change any existing laws or create any new ones, and such scenarios, as those who oppose Measure 1 are presenting, would never be approved by a North Dakota Legislature. On the other hand, this amendment would create an environment friendly to future legislation to protect the lives of the unborn and help preserve pro-life legislation that has already been passed.

Behind the “smoke and mirrors” of the disingenuous and agenda-driven campaign to protect the “cash cow” of abortion is a lot of inaccuracy and fear-mongering to discourage North Dakotans from voting for what they really believe in — protecting the unborn.

People need someone to steer them through this critical issue. Why won’t more pastors stand up, clear the air and support what is right and moral?