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Letter to the editor: Funds should go to support ND’s future


“Western ND oil cities make case for funding” is the headline in many newspapers, including on Feb. 4 in The Sun. It has happened again like the last oil boom. The cities and counties that stepped up to meet the infrastructure needs of the oil boom are asking for what they rightfully deserve. The rest of the state that benefited from the oil boom needs to keep up its end of the bargain.

Programs that are vital to the growth of the state are up for massive cuts.

The question is: Where will the money come from? One of the biggest single proposed costs is the Fargo-Moorhead flood diversion project. Former Gov. Jack Dalrymple’s proposed

budget included $66.5 million for a project that has no permit and little possibility of being approved.

The Diversion Authority has already spent tax dollars, about $100 million, on part of the project, Oxbow ring dike, that does not provide flood protection for Fargo. The Diversion Authority has purchased land for the diversion channel, taking funds from the plan that were supposed to provide Fargo with in-town protection/levees.

In a time of short funds it is time to apportion funds where they are needed for the good of the state’s future. It is not time to support the profit of special interests who control Fargo