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Letter to the editor: Land is crucial to people’s survival


I read a lot of articles about the proposed pipelines and existing ones. A lot of points were brought up about North Dakota’s workers getting more good-paying jobs and the lift in oil prices that will be more money, more tax money to run the state. Yes, that may be right and will help many laid-off workers. Suddenly it came to me out of nowhere. What happens to all the farmland that grows grains that are crucial to feed the world? There is bread and water that are the crucial products for human survival the North Dakota farmers raise.

We can’t eat oil, we can’t drink the polluted water. Maybe the rich people can drink wine and eat cake. (One French queen said to the poor people who were complaining of having no bread.) That is the nitty gritty of the long-term view. The world will be coming to an end, sooner or later!

That is all I have to say for now.