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Letter to the editor: Good in ACA shouldn’t be tossed away


Throughout history there have been people of influence, national leaders, kings, emperors and dictators who have been, to say the least, less than ideal. Think Caligula, Henry VIII, Ivan IV Vasilyevich who is also known as Ivan the Terrible, Joseph Stalin or Adolph Hitler. There were many more and some who were suffering, knowingly or not, accepting or not, from mental disorders. Nations have survived all manners of political leadership (sometimes with care and sometimes with chaos) and will continue to survive. It may take years, decades or centuries to recover, but sometimes recovery through hard work and dedication is done more quickly.

I am a senior citizen and know that this nation was built long before I was born and will continue after I am gone. This does not mean that I accept or endorse poor or selfish governing. I do not. Still, we need to always strive for improvement in all things so all citizens may enjoy our hard-won freedoms and protections and live in dignity in the future.

This is why we should not destroy the good that has been done. An example is the Affordable Care Act. It took over 200 years to bring about workable health care for all our citizens. We should never leave it to any industry to control for political or profit purposes. We all remember when insurance companies, at least some of them, would deny legitimate coverage in the hope that, if they continued in that action, their clients would get tired and just pay the costs themselves. It should not have been done then and should not be done now.

Yes, it has always been agreed that the ACA should receive continued dedicated study and constantly become better. That does not mean the good should be tossed away! Do not act impetuously or give control to those who would deny care that is desperately needed. Let your representatives know that you expect review that is not about which party is in office or who holds the White House currently. It is about the rights for citizens and people of this great land.