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Letter to the editor: Thankful for what Trump has done


I would like to thank President Donald Trump for the things he has already done, and the most recent one was for veterans.

Now, let’s talk about former President Barack Obama and the Clinton Foundation. Obama knew for a long time Russians were involved in this election system and did nothing about it, so let’s not blame Trump.

Now, let’s talk about Hillary Clinton and her 40-plus emails she destroyed. She also gave more than 62 speeches around the world for an average of $250,000 a piece. This total comes to $153 million for the Clinton Foundation. The news media seems concerned about the money Trump has made. At least he built hotels, golf courses and other things for people. Let the IRS take care of that, not the news media or the Democrats.

My closing comment is: I would like to know the difference between a Republican and a Democrat. We all put our pants on the same way, so why can’t we work together on the problems we have, especially the health care bill, which seems to be our biggest problem.

P.S.: The news media has turned this election into a soap opera.