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Letter to the editor: Why hasn’t Congress passed tax reform already?

On the opinion page of Saturday’s edition of The Jamestown Sun, U.S. Sen. John Hoeven and North Dakota state House member Craig Hedland make the case for federal tax reform, but both fail to address the main question. Why has Congress not already passed a tax reform bill?

Upon his inauguration, President Trump identified health care, infrastructure and tax reform as key issues. Congress has had all spring and summer to bring forth legislation for the president’s signature. With all of the working committees within Congress, all these bills should already be done or at the very least done by year’s end.

It is time for all Republicans in Congress to get behind this president and support his pro-growth, pro-America agenda while there is still time before the November 2018 election.

Congressional leadership and “Never Trump” Republicans dislike this president so much now that Trump has to turn to the American people and Democrats for help. This president does not care which party helps him. His goal is to get things done for the country and to make America powerful and great.

Think about it. A New York City billionaire who holds office in the White House understands the needs of the American people and has ideas and the energy to help the working citizens of our country more than our actual elected congressional leaders and representatives. That is our fault as the voting public to permit this situation to occur.

The Republicans have the majority in the Senate and the House of Representatives and control the White House. Someone please explain to them that in hockey terms, they are on the power play and the opposing goalie is resting on the bench because so far the Republicans have shown they have no plays to advance the puck.