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Letter to the editor: Lawmakers need to stop games on health care

I farm at Carrington. The rising cost of health care and health insurance premiums are taking a toll in the countryside. Growing health care costs are adding an additional layer of stress and debt for farm families struggling to make ends meet in a farm economy that is already in crisis.

This year’s debt-to-asset ratio is the highest the agriculture industry has seen in 30 years. Spouses taking offfarm jobs to provide health insurance for their families no longer covers the cost. And yet the current bill that was making its way through Congress, the Graham-Cassidy bill, would have meant $211 million less for health care in North Dakota because it would block grant health care spending to the states. That would be devastating not only for our farmers and ranchers, but also for our rural communities and health care facilities!

Lawmakers in D.C. need to stop the health care games and do their job. They need to come together and figure out a way to make health insurance and access to health care affordable and available to all citizens of this country. It’s the right thing to do!