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Letter to the editor: Trio did wonderful job with national anthem


I and everyone else who attended the University of Jamestown volleyball game at the opening of Harold Newman Arena Friday night were treated to the most beautiful rendition of the national anthem I have ever heard.

The trio of Alexis Barnick, Lara Hermanson and Rachel Douts harmonized the anthem in a colorful, pleasing and most unusual manner. The whole assembly was mesmerized, and everyone could feel the goosebumps, the feeling of pride and thankfulness that comes from living in the greatest country in the world, the wonderful United States of America. Thank you ladies for putting in the many hours of practice it must have taken to pull off such a beautiful score. Thank you, too, for reminding us of this most powerful truth.

Congratulations as well to the UJ leadership and the UJ volleyball team. It was a night to remember.