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Heitkamp listened to concerns about tax


A lot of people may not have heard about the Health Insurance Tax, commonly known at the HIT, but they will feel it if it ever goes into effect. This tax unfairly affects small businesses because it ends up raising premiums for employees, which takes a major toll on businesses’ ability to provide adequate health coverage, increase wages or invest in their operations.

Both parties understand this and have delayed the tax each year. But the tax is slated to go into effect on Jan. 1. And with less than two months to go until year’s end, Congress has done nothing.

Earlier this year, I reached out to Sen. Heidi Heitkamp to express my concern about the tax. She responded to my message and also visited with business owners and groups across the state about this issue. Heitkamp didn’t make a show of it. She listened, asked questions and made clear that she understands the burden this tax will place on small businesses.

This is why she recently introduced a bill to delay the HIT for two years and make it tax deductible going forward should the tax ever go into effect.

Heitkamp’s plan is common sense and further proof that she understands that our communities win when small businesses win.