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Proposals won’t help teachers, middle class

I am a teacher in North Dakota. I work as a paraprofessional educator which isn't a very high-paying job, yet makes up for it in with the memories I make with the youth I teach. I see my students as family and I help them excel in life as much as I can.

It troubles me to see that the Educator Expense Deduction has been put on the chopping block. As educators we see the thinning school federal and state education budgets as we have been compensating for the lack of an adequate government budget by hunting for sales on educational items for the classrooms or youth we teach.

Rep. Kevin Cramer and Sen. John Hoeven must reconsider removing the deduction as the youth of North Dakota are our future.

Both Cramer and Hoeven have stated that this is for middle class. This is not for our North Dakota middle class. This is for the 1 percent. In the recent special elections, concerned constituents like myself not only ran for office, but won against stagnant and complacent incumbents. Unfortunately, I have seen these same two adjectives define Cramer and Hoeven for far too many years.

I am a mother of an awesome child who has several disabilities. With the current federal budget it removes many medical tax breaks that I've relied on in the past to aid in health care costs as the current insurance system doesn't cover all of my child's health needs.

Please reconsider the current federal budget as it causes a burden on the workers of North Dakota.