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Letter to the editor: Heitkamp does what’s best for North Dakota

Throughout her first term in office, Sen. Heidi Heitkamp has shown she won’t be a rubber stamp for either party – neither Democrats, nor Republicans. She’s going to do what is best for North Dakota. That’s why I trust her to make the right decision on tax reform.

Outside groups aligned with the billionaire Koch Brothers, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the North Dakota GOP are spending big money pressuring Heitkamp to vote for their tax bill, but I suspect Heitkamp has one question in mind when she’s deciding on her vote: Will this tax bill really help North Dakotans who are struggling to get by?

I appreciate that Heitkamp has met with the White House and even flew with President Trump to North Dakota – her willingness to listen to the other side is a refreshing break from the partisan rancor that usually dominates Washington. Our politics would be healthier if both sides took this approach more often.

The details of the tax bill keep changing, but frankly, I trust Heitkamp’s judgment over all the hyper-partisan rhetoric we keep hearing from Washington, D.C.