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Letter to the editor: Tax proposal doesn’t benefit average American

This new tax proposal said to be more efficient and helpful to the average American is anything but efficient and helpful. The postcard size may appear appealing, but it is hardly and efficient way to determine tax shares. It is not helpful to the average American who works for wages as many do not earn $78,000 per year. The benefit to those who do earn $78,000 is minimal and probably will be eliminated given that deductions are substantially reduced or cut altogether.

The probability is that other taxes will rise to fulfill governmental needs. Taxation is the means by which we pay for government services, it is not the means by which we provide high tax cuts for our wealthiest citizens. There is no assurance that corporations or wealthy individuals who have millions or billions (that may be beyond their ability to spend as it is) would not just put their new gains into their already existing off-shore accounts.

In addition, we have been progressing form the disaster of the last Republican administration’s’ economics that led to a near depression for all and pretty much a depression for some. That progres began in the Obama years and is not the result of this new “trickle down” Republican idea.

This tax plan is more likely to damage average wage earners, farmers and small business (because if wage earners and farmers are damaged they will be unlikely to be able to support small business).

I hope this Republican giveaway to the rich again will not occur.