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Letter to the editor: Tax cuts are about helping the wealthy

The “Tax Cut and Jobs Act “ recently passed the House of Representatives with a vote of 227-205 with no Democrats voting in favor. Rep. Kevin Cramer and his Republican colleagues are calling this a middle class tax cut, but what they failed to say is that most of these middle class tax cuts expire by 2023 and the cuts for corporations and the wealthy are permanent. About three-quarters of the benefits go to businesses and the remaining one-quarter go to individuals with the majority of the individual benefits going to the wealthy and the ultra wealthy. This bill also adds $1.4 trillion to the national debt.

At this point I usually refer to Cramer’s campaign contributions to show why he voted the way he did. Normally we can isolate one or two contributors, but in this case we have to look at total list and we see that 95.80 percent or $422,500 came from business pacs and only 4.20 percent or $18,500 came from labor or ideological pacs. It’s easy to see why Cramer supports this business friendly bill.

Please feel free to cut out this letter and tape it to your fridge door reminding you about this vote before the next election.