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Letter to the editor: Plant should be named for Christianson

I see in our paper that progress is being made on the soybean crushing plant at Spiritwood. I’ve also heard lately that soybeans have become the No. 1 crop in North Dakota.

I would like to propose that Minnesota/North Dakota Soybean Processors name the plant for Orville Christianson, who I believe was the manager for the Spiritwood Grain Co. back in the ’50s. I remember passing two red old-style elevators when you traveled on Highway 10 and I understand there was a facility at Johnson’s spur also.

Orville was a heck of a nice guy. He and his family were our downhill neighbors on 5th Avenue Southeast in Jamestown. What is at Spiritwood now was his dream back then; unfortunately, he passed away never to see any of it. I hope my letter will put this idea up for consideration. Thank you.