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Don’t sign petition to legalize recreational marijuana

Well, here we go folks! Since “medical” use of marijuana has been approved in many states including North Dakota, we now have the push from proponents to legalize recreational use of marijuana. This was bound to happen and one can only think that pushing “medical” use of marijuana was nothing more than a ploy for trying to expand its use to anyone at anytime.

I urge you: Do not sign the petition for it to be put on the election ballot!

People, you have to do the proper research from reputable sources to find out the truth about recreational marijuana use.

I urge you to go to sites such as the one listed here to find out the true facts:

And upon your going through the information, ask yourself this question: Do we really want our children and young adults to be so affected by marijuana use, even second-hand exposure?

I think you will come to the same conclusion I have and known for a long time … the answer will be no, no, no. So again, do not sign the petition!