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Letter to the editor: Heitkamp represents hard-working individuals

If you have spent any time on Twitter in the last few days you have seen the Washington, D.C. news outlet, Roll Call, do an entire write-up on Sen. Heidi Heitkamp’s love of cold weather and her toughness built up from hard North Dakota winters. While it’s fun to joke of those thinner-skinned folks who wouldn’t make the cut in a North Dakota blizzard, what I would like is for Heitkamp to remember she represents more than just the tough nature of the unforgiving North Dakota weather.

She represents a constituency of hard-working individuals who want to see the government get out of their way so they are able to farm, ranch, build a business and work without enormous federal government intrusion. They want more money in their pockets to put food on their tables and gasoline in the tank. Her recent votes against tax reform, Obamacare environmental regulation repeals would tell us they she might be getting further away from those tough North Dakota roots and cozier with Washington Democrats and D.C. elite.

Arends is president of North Dakota State University College Republicans.