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New Rockford school project approved

How to find those New Year, New You videos

Welcome to week one! The New Year Challenge is off to a great start. We are still receiving registrations from new teams! Everyone has been asking about the DVDs. They will be aired on CSi cable on the replay station (channel 58) after regular programming (on a rotating basis) and on Daktel the Jimmies channel (channel 16) Monday through Friday at 7 p.m. DVDs may be checked out from the Alfred Dickey Public Library as well. There are 11 educational DVDs -- three "pre-challenge" programs and then one for each successive week. The three pre-challenge DVDs focus on eating fruits and vegetables, changing your lifestyle habits and the benefits of exercise. The DVD for week one focuses on planning for success, as was described in last week's newspaper article in The Jamestown Sun. Participants can earn an additional 10 points for each of the three pre-programs DVDs that are viewed. 

Today's main column contains material that is similar to handouts that correspond with each weekly topic. The handouts (in a .pdf format) can be accessed on the Jamestown Hospital Web site by the end of the week. Copies of the handouts are also available at the library or at the Jamestown Hospital Fitness Center.

The Survey Monkey questionnaire is now online. This questionnaire is compiled and analyzed by Go Red North Dakota which allows us to track the success of our challenge. The link for the questionnaire is also on the Web site. To access the Web site, log on to, then go to We Are Jamestown and click on New Year, New You 2010.

Your challenge for next week is to choose a few tips for weight loss or healthy eating.

The author of today's main article is Larissa Musgrave, licensed registered dietitian at Innovis Health, Jamestown and Valley City as well as Mercy Hospital, Valley City.