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Most taking part in challenge are women

The 2010 New Year, New You challenge has 602 participants made up of 32 business teams and seven Friends and Family Teams. There are fewer participants than last year, but according to the Go Red Survey Monkey, almost 40 percent are new to the challenge. We also discovered that about 80 percent are female and 87 percent are in the 25- to 55-year-old age group. The fact that the majority of participants are women is good news, because studies have shown that women can have a positive effect on the food choices the rest of their family makes.

According to Brian Wan-sink, Ph.D, author of "Mindless Eating" and professor at Cornell University, each home has a "nutritional gatekeeper" who does the majority of the shopping and meal preparation for their families. Wansink said that, "Although they don't always realize it, gatekeepers powerfully shape what food gets eaten both inside and outside the house. In fact, you nutritional gatekeepers control about 72 percent of what your family eats. Crown yourself as the Official Gatekeeper," Wan-sink suggests. "You can use this to help create positive lifetime food patterns." Check out some great video clips by Wansink at this You Tube link http://www. or go to the link for more information. Modeling healthy eating behavior and healthy activity patterns help our families to be healthier.

This week the top three teams in the Small Business Division are the Presbyterian God Squad, Lifetime Eyecare and Jamestown Middle School. The top three in the Big Business division came in very close with Medcenter One, Goodrich and Jamestown College less than 1 point apart. And finally, in our New Friends and Family Division, The High School Chefs take the lead with the Wannabees and the Kennedy Gals trailing close behind.

Remember that you can earn 10 points for each DVD watched. If you watched the three pre-challenge DVDs this week, plus the DVD for week one you could have earned up to 40 points for DVD viewing this week. If you did not take all the points this week for DVDs viewed, you can add them next time. Once you have taken the additional 30 points for the pre-challenge DVDs, you should only be earning 10 points per week for each weekly educational DVD. You can watch them on CSi cable channel 10 or 58 (replay channel) Tuesday- Sunday and Daktel channel 16 at 7 p.m. Monday-Friday. The full three hours of the series will replay on CSi channel 58 during the last week of the challenge so participants can view any missed episodes. We send out a great big "thank you" to CSi cable and Daktel for airing the educational DVDs for this program.

To get a copy of the handouts that accompany each DVD, log on to www. jamestownhospital. com. Under the "We Are Jamestown" section you will see the NYNY 2010 link. Open that link and scroll down to access the handouts.

We hope to place the order for the T-shirts and Totes with Orr'iginals this week, so we can all wear are cool black NYNY T-shirts or carry our stuff to the gym in the totes by the end of the month.

The column for this week's challenge is written by Joan Enderle, licensed registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator and director of Go Red North Dakota.