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Column: Anders Cole’s art makes a big statement

The work of Anders Cole is on display in the Reiland Fine Arts Center at the University of Jamestown. (John M. Steiner / The Sun)

By Sharon Cox

Some art works draw in the viewer to look a little closer or stand back and try to see the pieces as a forest rather than just a tree. Anders Cole has a series of photos hanging in the gallery of the Reiland Fine Arts Center that are causing both extremes.

The University of Jamestown’s art student has a group of his photos, arranged to spell out words, framed in antique and distressed windows and laid out in such a way as to make a multilayered statement.

None of the photos is of a letter or word. They are photos of rusted farm implements, cars and rigs, tools and buildings, and support structures. It’s a “man’s” selection of stuff. When shown as they are, and arranged as he has them placed, they “speak” volumes.

One window still has the old metal screen, aged and torn, still inside the mullions, but overlaying the photos below. It’s torn. It is an outward reflection of the inward soul of the images. It’s big.

He’s layered life and things as they lay decaying and found beauty.

Few artists can find new ways of saying the same things and present that idea in a fresh way. He has.

It’s worth a second look and then some. He won’t sell it. I don’t know that he could or would replicate what he’s done. Everything is one-of-a-kind.

I do think he’d do some on commission however, so it’s worth a try at least.

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