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Going global can change your life

Languages and cultures are studied every day and much can be absorbed in classrooms. But anyone who has lived in a country where that language is used every day knows very well that daily contact and usage are the best way to      master and know a culture and its art.

An opportunity on Wednesday is opened to the public to learn more about other languages, cultures and travel.

The University of Jamestown’s Beyond Committee, Foreign   Language Department, International Student Organization and Foreign Language Honor Society will have a panel of world travelers ready for questions and ready to help anyone planning a trip abroad.

The panel is made up of eight UJ professors, administrators, staff and students: Kate Stevenson, Sue Anderson, Tim Kachel, Aidan Magee, Gary Van Zinderen, Mort Sarabakhsh, Phyllis Bratton and Alexis Lueck.

Stevenson is the chairwoman of the Foreign Language Department, heads the committees and clubs. She lived and taught in Germany, participated in the MLSA Spanish program in Costa Rica, led choir tours to Europe, oversaw students studying in France, studied in Quebec (and facilitated UJ students studying there), co-led a group to China last spring, and will be going with the choir this spring.

Anderson recently took UJ student groups to University of Hannam in South Korea; Kachel recently chaperoned a UJ student group to Chogoria, Kenya; Magee is in the midst of his study abroad year with UJ; Van Zinderen participated in a year abroad as an undergrad; Sarabakhsh’s world opened up so much when he studied abroad that he has stayed in the U.S. since; Bratton did short-term art/history study tours to Europe and is planning to lead one in May 2015, and Lueck will serve as the answer person for anyone who is interested in knowing more about ISEP and other programs.

The “Going Global” discussion panel on international education experiences will be in room 123 of the Reiland Fine Arts Center at 7 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. A Q-and-A session will follow.

In addition to the live panel, student Alannah Dosh will explain her study abroad experience in Costa Rica through ISEP. Wednesday’s panel is part of the university’s annual International Week events.

This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone planning to travel. Knowing how to pack and move through airline inspections, knowing what to pack and whether to ship items back or pay for additional luggage, on-flight meals, security, etc. are all bits of information that will be helpful.

The panel will be able to advise what museums and sites are … or are not … worth the time and expense to visit, what not to eat in certain countries, differences in bathroom manners, ordering foods, currency exchanges, local features to look for, what clothing to wear, and getting some great first-hand information on maps, guides, travel programs, etc. It will be valuable for anyone wanting to plan a trip abroad.

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