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‘Hobbit Trail’ returns to Jamestown

Live comedy is back tonight in Jamestown, as the two comedians of The Hobbit Trail return on part of another epic tour.

The show, starring comedians Nate Ford and Brendan O’Day, starts at 8 p.m. at The Corner Bar, with a cover charge of $5.

This will be the duo’s third time performing in Jamestown, but the show is never the same twice.

“Every show is different, just by virtue of playing with the audience,” O’Day said. “… they’re going to see a different show every single time. And what you’re actually seeing oftentimes is us writing onstage.”

This particular tour has O’Day and Ford doing 27 shows in 32 days, rather than the previous 51 shows in 45 days. And Jamestown will be the sixth night of the tour, O’Day said.

O’Day and Ford often perform in smaller cities.

“They’re just a great group of people who enjoy life and like to have fun and just do things in a way that people in larger cities are just too uptight to do,” O’Day explained. “People in big cities might not laugh at a joke because they’re offended on behalf of somebody else.”

If the show were a movie, it would likely be rated PG-13, he said, as movies with that rating can have four instances of nudity, utterances of swear-words “except the F-word,” and no more than two utterances of that word that aren’t consecutive.

“It’s an adult show. We’re in a bar,” O’Day said.

“This is live entertainment at its finest. It’s time to have fun,” Ford added. “… come out and enjoy the Hobbit Trail.”

For more information on the tour and the comedians, visit http://thehobbit

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