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Baby gorilla born in rare C-section at San Diego Zoo has pneumonia


SAN DIEGO - A baby gorilla born in a rare Caesarian section at the San Diego Zoo last week has pneumonia, officials said on Tuesday.

The 17th gorilla delivered at the Southern California zoo developed the illness, an inflammation of the lungs with congestion, around the time of her birth, according to a statement from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The gorilla has not yet been named.

"We've been working with the baby all weekend and after having several days of experience treating her, it's pretty obvious that we've been dealing with pneumonia," Nadine Lamberski, associate director of veterinary services at the park, said in the statement.

The zoo said the baby's 18-year-old mother, Imani, is recovering well since the birth, which involved delivering the baby through the abdominal wall and uterus. They are among eight gorillas at the zoo.