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UJ’s ‘Once in a Lifetime’ and art show tonight

University of Jamestown’s Mike McIntyre directs one of the 1930s’ great satirical comedies at 7:30 p.m. today in the Reiland Fine Arts Center’s DeNault Auditorium. You’ll see flappers, vaudeville, get some fun scripting and songs, as well as knee-jerk humor.

The three key roles include: George Lewis (played by Christopher Koppinger), Jerry Hyland (played by Levi Brown) and the key actress holding the trio together, May Daniels (played by Carlotta Jo Rasmussen).

The madcap comedy is about the movies in the early days of movie making and how they went from silent to sound as the industry transitioned into making “talkies.”

Characters who make the satire work include Sydney Johnson, Kristen Meland, Tracy Ortman, Jana Lynch and Beth LePan as Helen Hobart, Susan Walker, Phyllis Fontaine Florabel Leigh and Mrs. Walker, respectively.

Herman Glogauer, Miss Leighton, Lawrence Vail, Weisskopf, Meterstein and Rudolph Kammerling are played by Alex Smith, Brittany McIntyre, Dacotah Wealot, Christian Henry, Anthony Buzzell and Colin Crabtree, respectively.

The parts of Miss Chasen, the waitress, Bishop, cigarette girl, coat-check girl, bridesmaid, the Page and Flick are played by Rachel Perish, Emma Bellmore, Dana Creasy, Hannah Erickson, Katie Roehm, Paige Meyer, Yong Jie Ng and Joey Dirks, respectively.

The comedy is a family event and will give some grandparents a happy jolt to hear and see some sounds and clothing from their youth. And while attending the comedy, be sure to take time to tour the gallery and see the artwork made by UJ students since the semester began in January.

The All Students Spring Art Show opened Monday and runs through graduation May 10. Artworks include sculpture, ceramics, paintings and drawings. There are some triptych altarpieces made by art history students as well. Students in that class used Matthias Grunewald’s “Isenheim Altarpiece” as an example for their small free-standing panels.

Brock Drenth has been teaching figure drawing this semester, and his students’ examples are exceptional. Keep in mind that class works on anatomical accuracy (in the traditional art school manner) and some of those examples are displayed. They are tasteful and in keeping with university-level art schools.

Several students with artwork on exhibit are going to be on stage this evening as well. Levi Brown and Alex Smith each have examples on display. Brown is a painting student who has six examples of paintings that show his variety and talents as visual artist and as actor.

Tickets for “Once in a Lifetime” are available through, the Reiland Center box office during regular hours and by calling 252-3467. The art exhibit is free and open during regular university hours. Some pieces are for sale and are listed as such.

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